SoniCure™ Ultrasonic Scalpel

SoniCure™ Ultrasonic Scalpel provides Superb Capability in Tissue Dissection and Hemostasis

  • Indicated for sealing vessels up to 7mm in diameter.
  • Ergonomic handle for ease of use.
  • Superior dissection speed.
  • Minimal thermal damage.
  • Solid hemostatis.
  • Intelligent transection sensing technology.
  • High-Quality materials and design for save and durable performance.
  • Integrated design of torque wrench and rotation knob.
  • Multiple scalpel sizes for open and laparoscopic procedures.


Product CodeDescriptionShaft LengthQty / Box
SC13C+SoniCure™ Ultrasonic Scalpel 13 cm13 cm6
SC21C+SoniCure™ Ultrasonic Scalpel 21 cm21 cm6
SC35C+SoniCure™ Ultrasonic Scalpel 35 cm35 cm6
SC43C+SoniCure™ Ultrasonic Scalpel 43 cm43 cm6