PVC Stomach Tube

The Stomach Tube is a non-sterile, single patient use device. The device comprises a transparent PVC tube with a closed, a-traumatic rounded tip, and 4 holes at the distal end. The transparent PVC tube provides good visualization and ease of positioning. The heat-sensitive PVC contributes for patient comfort. The proximal funnel opening can be connected to almost all syringes and tips.

The Stomach Tube is indicated for use in gastric and bariatric surgical procedures for the application of suction, stomach decompression, drainage of gastric fluids, irrigation and to serve as a sizing guide for creating a gastric sleeve, gastric pouch and gastro-jejunostomy. The device can also be used to perform a leakage test by connecting a syringe to the proximal end of the tube to inject methylene blue.



Product CodeDescriptionDiameterLengthQty / Box
ST36PWPVC Stomach Tube 36 FR/CH12.0 mm150 cm100
ST40PWPVC Stomach Tube 40 FR/CH13.3 mm150 cm100