Fulgrip Endocutter Reloads

  • Slim curved shape of reload tip for easier positioning.
  • Capillary grooves at surface to reduce slippage and optimize compression to prevent staple malformation.
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer driver which increases strength during staple deployment.
  • Unique ID number for each reload to ensure traceability and serviceability for single reloads.
  • Compatible with Lunar U, PSD and MSD Endocutters in 45mm and 60mm.
  • Reload colours and closed staple heights; grey 0,75mm, white 1.0mm, blue 1.5mm, gold 1,8mm, green 2.0mm and black 2.3mm.



Product CodeColourReload SizeTissue TypeClosed Staple HeightQty / Box
FACC45Grey45 mmMesentery / Extra Thin0.8 mm12
FACW45White45 mmVascular / Thin1.0 mm12
FACB45Blue45 mmMedium1.5 mm12
FACY45Gold45 mmMedium / Thick1.8 mm12
FACG45Green45 mmThick2.0 mm12
FACX45Black45 mmExtra Thick2.3 mm12
FACC60Grey60 mmMesentery / Extra Thin0.8 mm12
FACW60White60 mmVascular / Thin1.0 mm12
FACB60Blue60 mmMedium1.5 mm12
FACY60Gold60 mmMedium / Thick1.8 mm12
FACG60Green60 mmThick2.0 mm12
FACX60Black60 mmExtra Thick2.3 mm12