Fengh Europe provides exclusive training (clinical education) to surgeons, OR equipment experts and all users. Product instructions will be given by clinical experts regarding the working mechanism of the relevant instruments and can be practiced in a dry lab setting.

Train de trainer principle: Fengh Europe provides training to the equipment experts of the OR departments and provides periodic refresher courses. After this training, the experts can further develop the instruction/training in collaboration with Fengh Europe for new personnel to be trained.

Inservice: During a test period, in-service will be offered for surgeons and OR assistants during surgery. Customized evaluation forms allow the test to be assessed objectively, culminating in a summary final evaluation report.

E-learning and video instruction: E-learning modules and Instructional videos can be provided to support and explain how to use the instruments.

Side by Side and Wet lab: Upon request a customized side by side or wet lab session can be organized.