We are continuously seeking for strategic partners in Europe, including but not limited to the European Union. 

For inquiries, please fill out our contact form or send us a direct e-mail at: info@fenghmedical.nl

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Global Manufacturing

Fengh Medical Co., Ltd.                                D3, No. 6 Dongsheng West Road          Jiangyin National High-tech Zone
Jiangsu, China                                                +86(0)510 8169 5552

Overseas Business

Fengh Medical Co., Ltd.                         SOHO Building 5 No. 968                Jingzhong Rd. Changning District Shanghai, China

EU Liaison Office

Fengh Medical (Europe) B.V.
Van der Takstraat 8
NL-3071 LL Rotterdam 
The Netherlands
+31(0)10 8080 569

Shanghai is China's largest center for trade, finance, high-tech industries and other business services. Therefore its called the global financial hub. The city's heart is the Bund. Shanghai has a population of 26.32 million (2019)