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Innovation in Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS): Our focus on MIS aligns with the broader trend in Medtech towards less invasive, more patient-friendly surgical methods. MIS-techniques usually lead to quicker recovery times and less post-operative pain for patients, which is a significant advancement in medical care.

Global Supply Chain and Local Presence: With multiple storage facilities in the Netherlands and a global outreach, Fengh Europe is an example of how Medtech companies can operate internationally while maintaining a strong local presence. This approach is crucial in a globalized world, especially considering the challenges of international tensions and supply chain disruptions.

Fengh Europe exemplifies several key trends in the Medtech sector: Innovation in minimal invasive surgery, a balanced global and local approach, commitment to sustainability, lean and agile operations, collaborative partnerships, and a focus on fair competition. These aspects are not only relevant to their business but also to the broader Medtech industry, which is increasingly focused on patient-centric, sustainable, and innovative healthcare solutions.

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